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2017 School Directory

Meet some of the area's best schools, plus read parent testimonials!

Independent Schools

Abington Friends School

Coed, Quaker, grades preschool to 12

The Agnes Irwin School

Girls, grades pre-K to 12


“We wanted our daughters to be in an academic environment that allows them to be independent thinkers and encourages them to take risks. The Agnes Irwin School focuses on the whole
child and provides a collaborative learning environment for our daughters to find their gifts and a sense of place. The school offers an exemplary curriculum with a focus on STEM, an extensive arts program, small class-size, one-on-one college counseling and all season athletics. The community creates an environment where everyone is invested in the success of every girl.”
The Kubach family, Wayne

AIM Academy

Coed, grades 1 to 12


“Every child wants to do well in school. It’s just a matter of putting them in the right environment where they can do well. The great thing about AIM is that they are not just meeting him, but pushing him far beyond what we would have ever thought that he could do.”
Sandy Ross, Bryn Mawr

The Baldwin School

Girls, grades pre-K to 12
Bryn Mawr


“We wanted a place that was not going to tell our shy child she has to be outgoing and tell our outgoing child she has to be quiet. At Baldwin, they’ll get all the tools to be the best version of who they can be.”
Whitney Bachrach, Lower Gwynedd


“There’s quite a lot of diversity at the school, which we like, and a very inclusive parent community. There are lots of opportunities for parents to get involved, and that also appealed to us. We all want the same thing for our girls, and that’s something that binds us together.”
Anne Deitz, Art Museum, Philadelphia

Commonwealth Charter Academy

Public, grades kindergarten to 12

Delaware Valley Friends School

Coed, grades 3 to 12


“The teachers in my other school, I felt like they didn’t really understand me. I’ve never felt as close to the teachers as I have here.”
Christine Scolari, Devon

Episcopal Academy

Coed, grades pre-K to 12
Newtown Square


“The sense of independence that all the teachers give you is really helpful. They will tell you the project and explain the guidelines, but they really want you to focus on doing the work yourself. I think that’s really important.”
Nicholas Christos, Wayne

Friends’ Central School

Coed, grades nursery to 12
610-642-7575 (Lower School, Old Gulph Road)
610-649-7440 (Middle and Upper School, City Avenue)


“Making the move to Friends’ Central was the best decision we ever made for our daughter. She was happy at her former school, but we believed that she would do best in a calmer, more nurturing and intimate setting. The transition was magical! From day one, she was a happier and more confident kid. The teachers make all the difference at FCS: challenging academics are presented so the kids are involved, interested, and engaged. It’s hands-on learning, with small classroom sizes and lots of one-on-one attention. Our daughter feels respected and valued, and our family appreciates the Quaker values of simplicity and inclusion. I only wish I could go with her every day!”
Jill Fratto, Bala Cynwyd

Friends School Haverford

Coed, grades nursery to 8


“They have this social curriculum and they talk about a culture of kindness. They really emphasize not only the academics, but also the social and emotional side of the kids.”
Melissa Murphy, Wynnewood

Girard College

Coed, weekday residential, grades 1 to 12


“I read about Girard and their core values, and certain things stuck out — respect, integrity, self-discipline, and responsibility — all these different things that Girard shoots for daily. You can go to school, you can get the education, great. But if you don’t have the discipline to go with it, I feel like part of the puzzle is missing.”
Shynita Price, West Philadelphia

The Grayson School

Coed, grades pre-K to 8


“I remember sitting in that open house, and I just kept nodding my head, because everything she was saying was what I was experiencing with my child. This seemed like a fabulous fit. I knew by the time that was over that if the school opened, I was going to be there.”
Julie Judge, Newtown Square

The Haverford School

Boys, grades pre-K to 12


“The fact is that boys’ and girls’ brains develop differently. Haverford has done that research, and they were ready to teach Charlie as he was, instead of waiting for him to sit down, focus, listen, and be still.”
Kat Gord, Newtown Square


“Everyone at all levels, from the headmaster on downward, focuses on the best way to educate boys and mature them into responsible men. This mindset creates a comfortable and tolerant environment for our boys to explore intellectually, artistically and athletically.”
Jody Nazarian, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

Holy Child School at Rosemont

Catholic independent, coed, grades preschool to 8


“The kids, they wake up every morning, and they run out the door. They cannot wait to go. They’re upset if it’s Saturday.”
Soo Abboud, Bryn Mawr

The Miquon School

Coed, grades nursery to 6

Montgomery School

Coed, grades pre-K to 8
Chester Springs

PA Cyber Charter School (PA Cyber)

Public, grades kindergarten to 12


“We found when he really liked something and wanted to learn more about it, teachers just didn’t have the time when they had 30 other kids. When there’s something he’s really interested in, we can expand on it and do so much more with it.”
Kim Van Cleve, Brookhaven

Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (PALCS)

Public, grades kindergarten to 12


“They’ve made it super easy, and all you have to do is ask. You get a ‘yes’ instead of a ‘no,’ which is what I usually faced at our home school district. It’s not just sitting in front of a screen. They have the chance to
take out the time waste during the day to pursue a passion.”
Deanie Gauntlett, Exton

The Philadelphia School

Coed, preschool to grade 8

Regina Angelorum Academy

Coed, independent Catholic, grades pre-K to 8


“We really feel like the Holy Spirit led us there and called us to send our children to this school. As soon as we walked in the building, we knew there was something special about this place.”
Nicole Campuzano, Drexel Hill

Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr

Girls, independent Catholic, grades kindergarten to 12
Bryn Mawr


“The girls feel like they’re totally accepted. However you are, however you come to the school, is how you’re expected to be. The girls learn to be confident, and I think their confidence makes them kind.”
Seana Covello, St. Davids

The Shipley School

Coed, grades pre-K to 12
Bryn Mawr


“Shipley has been home to our family, Sophie ’13, Josh ’15, and Henry ’19, since my husband David and I decided to enroll Sophie in pre-K in 2000. I have been struck by what a wonderful fit Shipley has been for each of my three very different children. Beyond the excellence of the academic program and preparation for college, Sophie, Josh, and Henry have been celebrated as individuals. The relationships they have had with teachers, coaches, and administrators has helped them develop the confidence to take risks and push themselves in all areas (academic, athletic, arts, and leadership). We could not be more proud of the people they have become and are grateful to the entire Shipley community.”
Marjie Katz, Wynnewood

St. Aloysius Academy for Boys

Boys, independent Catholic, grades kindergarten to 8 (preschool is coed)
Bryn Mawr

St. Peter’s School

Coed, non-sectarian, age 3 to grade 8


“My child is treated as an individual and is honored for her unique qualities. The teachers are great, the classroom inspires creativity, and the administration balances forward thinking with honoring traditions. This is a school to be explored. We’ve loved our experience!”
Current Upper School parent

Villa Maria Academy Lower School

Independent Catholic, coed preschool and pre-K; Girls, grades kindergarten to 8


“We could not be more grateful and appreciative of the love and support the entire Villa family showed our three girls during their nine years there! They are developing into amazing young women with core values centered around Jesus and respect for others. We have always said that best way to spend your kid’s college education money is to invest it early at a school like Villa Maria! The dividends are phenomenal and the return on the investment lasts a lifetime! Villa teachers truly care and love the art of teaching so kids can learn to love learning and they are making a huge impact on society and the Christian home. The reinforcement of core family values centered on Christ is what separates Villa from the rest of the education system…We miss our Villa community but have no doubt the core values of Love, Creative Hope, and Fidelity will carefully guide them the rest of their lives!”
The O’Brien Family, West Chester

Westtown School

Coed, Quaker, grades pre-K to 12
West Chester
610- 399-0123


“Westtown truly uses their campus, and I love that. For my kids, I see how the connection with being outside and learning something really happens when they’re touching it and feeling it and smelling it and seeing it. The amount of movement and outdoor time that they have is really special.”
Silenia Rhoads, Malvern

Woodlynde School

Coed, grades kindergarten to 12



“I wanted her to have the same school experience as anybody going to a mainstream school. I wanted sports, I wanted activites, I wanted all that. Woodlynde is the only school that offered that.”
Nickie Imprescia, Wayne

Early Childhood

Goshen Friends School

Preschool to kindergarten
West Chester


“Goshen Friends is so small that you actually get to know everyone. Their principles match our family’s belief that everyone is welcome, and the parent community reflects that.”
Erin Robins, Willistown

Greene Towne Montessori School

Ages 18 months to kindergarten



“We love Greene Towne Montessori for so many reasons. We love Greene Towne because it promotes a love of learning, intellectual exploration, and self-motivation. We love that the faculty and staff are extraordinarily gifted, well trained, and dedicated to each child’s development. We love most the profound impact that a Greene Towne Montessori education has had on our son. After three years in the Toddler and Primary programs, with his kindergarten year ahead, our son is well spoken, confident, independent, socially aware, and courteous. When complete strangers comment on these attributes, we respond, ‘Thank you, he attends Greene Towne Montessori.’”
Alberta Brennan, parent of a 5-year-old boy, Philadelphia

Montgomery Early Learning Centers

Ages 6 weeks to 12 years
Philadelphia, Narberth, Wynnewood, Pottstown, Lower Merion School District, Colonial School District


“MELC is truly an amazing place, and Tyler learned so much in his time there. You can tell by the look on his face at pick up that he loved his school and teachers. Every day, the teachers made us feel so comfortable and confident leaving our son at MELC each day. As a parent, there’s nothing better than knowing your child is in such good hands while you’re at work. It was comparable to leaving him with a family relative. MELC deserves so much credit for creating such a positive learning environment and hiring such amazing teachers.”
Lauren H.

The Phebe Anna Thorne School

Ages 2 to kindergarten
Bryn Mawr


“It just felt like it was meant to be. It was everything I wanted, and it was close to our home, and we could tell that it was going to be the perfect thing. And it turned out it was.”
Jessie Jackson, Bryn Mawr

St. David’s Episcopal Day School

Ages 2 to kindergarten, beginning fall 2018 (additional grades to be added)


“Some of the defining features of our school are character development and Christian values: kindness, integrity, individuality, diversity, citizenship, perseverance, honesty and respect. These are virtues that will be intertwined with our thematic units.”
Marissa Kiepert Truong, Ph.D., Head of School

The West Hill School

Ages 2 to pre-K


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