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Go on an Adventure at 5 Wits, New at Plymouth Meeting Mall

The new attraction combines the intellectual challenge of an escape room with physical experiences.

Imagine yourself in a medieval castle, or maybe in King Tut’s tomb or as an American spy on a mission to save the country. It’s all possible at 5 Wits, the new escape room-esque attraction located at the Plymouth Meeting Mall. 


Photograph by Casey Kallen.

Each 3,000-square-foot attraction features a different theme and allows visitors to solve puzzles in a highly immersive setting. The storylines are determined by how well you are doing in each challenge, and will provide hints or more challenges if necessary to adjust the skill level of the adventure you choose.


“It forces you to cooperate and work together,” said Zephyr Goza, operations manager for 5 Wits Albany, at a recent media preview. “What you will get out of it is a lot of logic and problem solving skills, and they are required or you will fail, which is absolutely possible.”


The new attraction is part of the ongoing transformation of the mall, which is becoming less about shopping and more about having fun. 5 Wits joins the Legoland Discovery Center Philadelphia, which opened last spring, and Dave and Buster’s as draws for families seeking an activity.


Wannabe archaeologists can explore “Tomb,” which traps you in a tomb with an angry Pharaoh. To escape, you must solve puzzles to get on his good side. “Espionage” is a spy-themed adventure, where spies will stop an evil corporation by infiltrating their headquarters. “Drago’s Castle” tells the story of a princess who you will help to stop the dragon from destroying humankind.


These adventures aren’t easy, and they’re designed to mimic real movie sets, setting 5 Wits apart from a traditional escape room. Adventurers will crawl through tunnels, jump over lasers, and experience the sounds and lighting effects of a movie set. It’s a highly sensory and immersive experience, and places you in tight quarters or dimly lit open spaces with sounds and lights coming from many directions.


Aside from the theatrics, there are many puzzles that require teamwork and agility to solve efficiently. Adventurers will match tablets, search for hidden clues, decipher hieroglyphics, climb through secret tunnels and jump over lasers to complete the stages of each storyline.


Photograph by Casey Kallen.

Each adventure is $20, or $29.99 for all three, which may be used over a period of time. Teams created for up to 12 people, and are not randomly created; families will be placed with other families and adults will be grouped together. Private adventures are also available for purchase.


There is no age restriction for 5 Wits, but is not recommended for children 7 and younger, as there are intense moments. 


5 Wits is open now, and a formal grand opening is planned for November 4. The current hours are 10 am — 9 pm Monday — Saturday, and 11 am — 6 pm on Sunday.


The attraction is inside the Plymouth Meeting Mall, near the Legoland Discovery Center. For more information, visit the 5 Wits website.



Lead photograph courtesy of 5 Wits. 



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