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9 New Ways to Play with Snow

Don't want to build a snowman? Try one of these ideas.

We all love a good snowman, but they can be hard to pull off, especially if you’ve got young kids. These activities make a snow day fun and add variety, too.

Bubble Fun

If you think bubbles are for warm weather, think again. For a fun science lesson, on a day below 32 degrees, get out the bubbles and watch them freeze on the wand. 

Snow Painting

This can be hours of fun once you get the creative juices flowing. Fill spray bottles with water and food coloring and create masterpieces on your white backyard. 


Create a tic-tac-toe board in the snow using sticks or your hands. For the use sticks for the X, and berries or leaves for the O.  It can get competitive, but you can always brush it off and make another. 

Catch Some Snowflakes

Place a black sheet of paper in the freezer until it’s cold. Catch snowflakes on it and then look at them through a magnifying glass. Are they all different?

Bird Feeding

Cut the top off an orange and hollow it out (makes for a vitamin C-healthy snack). Fill the empty orange with bird seed and hang it from a tree.  Watch as the birds come and eat. 

Play Detective

Look for animal footprints in the snow. Try to follow them and figure out which animal made them. 

Snow Molds

Use different pots and pans to build snow molds. Fill each one with snow and dump them out to create different patterns or forts. 

Snow Scavenger Hunt

Freeze colored water in ice cube trays. Take them out and hide them all over the yard. See who can find the most of one color.

Snow Golf

Flatten down some snow every few feet so the kids can stand and hit the ball. A few feet away, dig a hole big enough for a golf ball. Mark it with a flag or stick. Have fun golfing in the winter wonderland.


Photograph by Pio3 for Canva. 




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