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AIM Academy Forges New Partnership With Yale Research Center

The Haskins Laboratories partnership further cements the Conshohocken school's place as a leader in research and teaching on reading-based learning differences.

Conshohocken’s AIM Academy is the first educational partner of the Haskins Global L2 (Language & Literacy) Innovation Hub, officials announced Monday, part of a larger effort to boost literacy and language skills in kids at risk for reading-based learning difficulties.


AIM, and the school’s research arm, the AIM Institute for Learning and Research, will work with the hub — affiliated with Haskins Laboratories, part of Yale University — to start the IGNITE Center. It will bring researchers and educators together to bring cutting-edge neuroscience research into the classroom.


The L2  program is especially focused on meeting the needs of at-risk children, across languages and cultures.


“AIM’s proven track record of delivering evidence-informed and evidence-based programming to students, the AIM Institute’s commitment to teacher training and its current replication of the AIM Integrated Literacy Model in Philadelphia area schools, makes it one of the top services providers in the county,” Ken Pugh, the president and director of research at Haskins Laboratories, said in a press release. “We are excited to have a environment where teachers and researchers can work together on these important issues.”


The IGNITE Center will be an incubator for research, a place to translate that research into classroom activities, and a place to train teachers and coaches to include these new techniques and activities in their work with students with reading-based learning differences.


AIM co-founders Roberts (left) and Blair.

AIM, a first through 12th grade independent school, specializes in those types of learning differences, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. The AIM Institute has also become a resource for parents and teachers around the nation and the world.


“We are thrilled to partner with Haskins Laboratories on this global initiative that will take AIM’s commitment to research and evidence-based practices to the next level,” said Pat Roberts, co-founder of AIM Academy and the AIM Institute for Learning & Research.


Nancy Blair, AIM’s other co-founder, said, “We know our students and faculty will benefit greatly from this partnership and we are excited collaborate with our university and school partners as part of this initiative.”


The new partnership was announced at AIM’s annual Research to Practice Symposium.


Photograph courtesy of AIM Academy. 


  • Elizabeth K. Sands, Ed.D. March 21, 2018

    What exciting news! Congratulations to AIM, Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair! Always forging ahead—two very remarkable women with an incredible vision!

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