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calls herself a gardener, pickle lover, and all around vintage enthusiast who "never met an antique sewing machine she didn't like." Born and raised in beautiful Lancaster and Berks County, she now resides near Fort Leonardwood, Missouri in the Ozark Mountains - just a stone's throw from Historic Route 66. Married for over thirteen years to her Michigan-born handsome man in uniform, Ann Marie has worked in various fields and has been a world-traveler, entrepreneur, and homemaker, but considers being a mom her greatest accomplishment of all. In addition to writing, she also teaches homesteading classes in her home and has a volunteered thousands of hours as a military spouse in support of military communities around the world. Loving all things creative and domestic, Ann Marie considers her life’s motto to be “bloom where you are planted.”

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, turkey day planning can be daunting. Use our guide (verbatim or with your own tweaks) to