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Easy DIY Summer Activity: Build a Terrarium

Watch this video demonstration of a perfect way to get the kids digging.


Whether you have minimal garden space, little time for maintenance, or you’re just lacking a green thumb, a terrarium is a fun and easy way to bring more greenery into your home. Plus building a terrarium is a fun activity for the family to do together! Watch the video and follow these instructions to build and maintain your own terrarium this summer.


What you’ll need:

• A glass jar or container

• Small stones

• Potting soil

• Peat moss

• Assorted terrarium plants (Found at your local garden store)

• Optional decorations or figurines


Step 1: Fill the bottom of your glass jar or container with pebbles. You can buy stones from your local craft store or use the ones your kids find outside! The rocks will act as a drainage layer for your terrarium.


Step 2: Add a base layer of soil over the pebbles. This is where you’ll plant the plants you picked. Make sure to dig holes big enough for each plant’s roots.


Step 3: Remove your plants from their containers and plant them in the soil layer. Plant them largest to smallest and lightly pack more soil around them. Think about leaving some extra space for moss, more stones, or figurines.


Step 4: Decorate! Use the peat moss to fill in the negative space and decorate with more stones or even little toys. This is a perfect use for those little animal figurines at the bottom of the toy box!


Step 5: Enjoy!


To maintain, water open terrariums once or twice per week. Closed terrariums need less frequent watering. Keep your terrarium in indirect sunlight, as the rays will be magnified by the glass.




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