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Simplify This Summer With a Place For Everything

Find a one-of-a-kind solution to any storage problem.

For many parents, keeping the house neat is an uphill battle. Even in the summertime, when the avalanche of paper stops flowing from school, it’s still a challenge, with everything from baseball gloves to wet towels scattered around.


Achieving the nirvana of neat is about more than just picking things up. It’s about having a place for everything — a nook for backpacks, a spot for shoes, and a closet that’s capable of handling a real-life wardrobe.


That’s where Closets By Design comes in. The company’s designers work with you, to help you figure out where you need help, and how to get what you want, with the look you want, at a price that fits your budget.


When they are done, you not only have less clutter on the floor but you’ll be able to have more time in your day to do what you want instead of trying to find things.  As Charles Waterman, owner of Closets by Design (CBD) says, “We’ve even been told by our clients that it’s like having your own (clothing) boutique in your house.  You can find everything quick and easily so you can have that extra cup of coffee in the morning and have more of a variety in your daily clothing instead of wearing the same thing over and over.”


Closets By Design will design, build, and install a custom closet — and much more. The company’s designers can work with you on your mudroom, your garage, or any other space in your home that needs organizing. They’ll even build you a Murphy bed, to save space and make a guest room workable for other uses.


A designer will come to your home for a free consultation, then create a plan just for you, including custom measurements. They’ll take your input on everything from interior accents to molding to hardware. All your belongings are inventoried before installation begins, and the company’s installers are known for being tidy — and on time.


When they’re done, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind solution to even the toughest storage problem.


After the design is complete, construction begins in the company’s 30,000-square-foot facility in Exton. The best part for the clients is that the entire process of concept to design to construction to install takes a couple of weeks.


This is because, as Waterman says, “We maintain a lot of control over the process so we can make sure we satisfy each customer. If a customer wants to make a change last-minute, we can do that. We keep control so you can make sure your clothes are off the bed and back in the closet tonight.” This also enables a quick turnaround from start to finish.



Ready to imagine your home perfectly organized?

Until July 19, Closets By Design is offering a huge summer promotion: Up to 40 percent off, and installation is free. Working on a closet, garage, or home office? You can get another 15 percent off.

Call 610-644-4143 to schedule a free consultation, or schedule it through Closets By Design’s website.


Photographs courtesy of Closets By Design. 

At Closets By Design, we work to simplify your life. Call 610-644-4143 to schedule a free consultation, or schedule it at ClosetsByDesign.com.


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