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Technology in a Real-World Context: Coding for Kids

Want to get your child into computer coding? BSD Code and Design Academy brings tech ed to the Main Line.

Main Line native and businesswoman Ashley Govberg wants her kids to be the next tech entrepreneurs. She wondered why there wasn’t a place to learn coding on the Main Line. So Govberg seized the initiative and brought BSD Code and Design Academy to Rosemont.

The Vitality of Tech Ed

Understanding how to apply technology in a real-world context is important for children now more than ever before. BSD Academy in Rosemont runs an after-school program for students eager to invest early in these skills. At BSD, students build websites, learn programmatic thinking, develop cutting-edge video games, design and build robots, and more.


“Coding is an essential life skill,” Govberg said. “Being able to write code and understand the application of technology in problem solving has become a part of everyday life.”


When she connected with the founders of BSD Academy in Hong Kong, Govberg saw children learning through real-world projects, and knew that Main Line children needed this, too.

 Why BSD?

“Technology changes daily and children’s interests can change even faster!” Govberg said. “The BSD instructors understand this. Their curriculum evolves and has been carefully connected across different disciplines to allow students to consistently accumulate ability within the context that excites them the most. As a mother and entrepreneur, this really appealed to me.”


Each day, BSD runs two separate courses which are open to all membership subscribers—exposing students to different materials and promoting cross-disciplinary projects. The potential is endless with the variety of courses available. In the core curriculum, you’ll find Web Design, Video Game Development, Robotics, and Image Design. New courses are constantly becoming available. In time the academy will be launching courses in Virtual Reality, Wearable Tech, 3D Animation, and more.

Bringing Innovation to All


The BSD Academy mission is to offer technology education to everyone. They have already began partnering with Montgomery County schools with plans to expand. The crew at BSD is at the forefront of technology and innovation. Their programs are constantly growing and adapting to the needs of their students.


“Technology is the wave of the future,” Govberg said. “We wanted to be the first to bring tech ed and build upon the ever-changing world of coding.”


We don’t know the next big revolution in tech, but one thing is for sure: BSD students will be paving the way!


Interested in enrolling your child? Learn more about BSD.


Photographs courtesy of BSD Academy. 


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