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‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ Comes to Life at the Please Touch Museum

Little fans of the popular PBS show will love this sweet, hands-on exhibit.

Hoo hoo! Little lovers of the PBS show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood are in for a treat: an exhibit based on the wildly popular preschool program is opening at the Please Touch Museum.


Photo by Gwyneth K. Shaw

The colorful, cute “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: a Grr-ific Exhibit” — which runs from September 28, 2017, to January 15, 2018 — has all the elements of the show.


Visitors can dress in costume in front of the Imagination Mirror, tinker with a radio, play in the Tiger family’s house, work in the post office, and more.


Instruments made from household items, including a washboard and a spoon wind chime, beckon to little hands. A big clock is open, to expose the gears. A bright red trolley is big enough to climb and sit on.


At one table, slips of paper and pencils invite kids to thank someone who’s done something nice for them, then put it on the Thank You Tree. Along another wall, families can “take a strategy, leave a strategy,” to share their tips with other parents and kids.


Photo by Gwyneth K. Shaw

The main characters — including Daniel, Prince Wednesday, and O the Owl — are featured throughout the exhibit.


Everything is low to the ground, to suit the show’s very young target audience. The exhibit also echoes the themes of the show: it’s OK to have big feelings, sharing and helping are important, and, of course, that “grown-ups come back.”


Like the show and its affiliated games and apps, the exhibit is fun while still helping kids manage their emotional intelligence. Grown-ups will appreciate the mini shrine to Fred Rogers, of the iconic Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, tucked into a corner. (For those without a Daniel-obsessed child, the show is based on the characters from Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make Believe, and his Fred Rogers Company helped create the show and the exhibit.)


Photo by Gwyneth K. Shaw

Kids can meet Daniel Tiger at various times during the exhibit’s run, including on Saturday, September 30. Check the museum’s calendar for other dates and times.


“Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: a Grr-ific Exhibit” is free with museum admission, and free to museum members.


The Please Touch Museum, at 4231 Avenue of the Republic in Philadelphia, is open from 9 am — 5 pm Monday — Saturday, and 11 am — 5 pm on Sundays.


Philadelphia Family and Main Line Parent will be at the museum this Sunday, October 1, for our annual Education Fair. Sign up in advance for a discounted ticket, and find a great school before or after you see this exhibit!


Lead photograph courtesy of the Please Touch Museum. 




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