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Fit4Mom Adds Body Back Classes

Ditch the stroller and focus on you with this tough but fun workout.

Set that alarm clock and get ready to sweat: Fit4Mom Philadelphia has just added a killer new workout class — that lets you leave the kids at home.


Fit4Mom is famous for its jogging stroller exercise classes. But the new class, called Body Back, is designed to be just for you, a chance to give yourself some space to take care of your body, your mind, and your spirit, with other moms right there with you. As its name suggests, the class is about more than basic fitness. It’s two intense workout sessions per week, plus measurements of your progress, nutrition help, and communion (or is it commiseration?) with other moms.


Lauren Houston and Christine Lugones, who own the Philadelphia Fit4Mom franchise, said they’d noticed that more of their clients were looking for a bigger challenge, once their kids had outgrown the stroller classes. They decided to target the fall because when school starts, it can be a little easier to carve out some time for yourself, even if it’s just an hour before dawn.


“We wanted to offer something that would appeal to moms whose children were in school or day care and wanted to take their fitness up a notch, who were ready for something new,” Lugones said. “It’s an ideal time to capture the moms who were ready to do something for themselves, kind of the ‘back to school, back to you’ kind of thing.”


The class began in late September and runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30 am (yes, you read that right) at Nest Center City. Fit4Mom is also running a “boost” class at 7:30 am Saturday that’s a drop-in class, so that moms who can’t make the weekly classes — or are enrolled in a stroller class — can get a little taste of the Body Back workouts. For now, the Body Back class is just the one session locally. But Lugones and Houston said they’re open to expanding it to other locations and times.


Lugones, who teaches the class, said it’s a tough session, incorporating cardio, strength, and core exercises, as well as equipment such as kettlebells. But it’s a friendly, welcoming environment, too, she said.


“There’s no screaming in anybody’s face,” she said. “We’re really working hard, but you’re surrounding yourself with like-minded women, so it’s a really supportive, encouraging group.”


Because it’s a tough workout, it’s not appropriate for pregnant women, or moms who’ve just given birth. But it is fine for every fitness level, Lugones and Houston said, and moms of every age, whether you had your last baby two years ago or 20.


At the beginning of the session, each woman got a set of body measurements, so they can see where they lose inches and gain muscle and tone. Lugones said she had everyone weigh in at home, to take the focus off weight.


“We don’t want these women chasing numbers on a scale, because your body, after baby, will never be the same,” she said.


There’s a private Facebook group for each session, and Lugones and Houston said they want the women in the class to build a bond.


“It’s about reclaiming who you are as a woman, as a mother. It’s the physical, emotional, and mental experience,” Houston said. “It really becomes an emotional bonding experience for these moms.”


Photograph courtesy of Fit4Mom. 




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