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‘Lego Batman’ Flies Into Theaters

The caped crusader gets the Lego treatment, in a film that's both witty and joyful.

Do you remember long-ago the days when movies about comic-book superheroes were actually geared towards children? Those days are recaptured by The Lego Batman Movie, which comes out this Friday.


Your kids probably loved The Lego Movie when it came out three years ago. The film, rather than the lazy toy brand extension it looked like going in, was an exciting, brilliantly creative endeavor that had seemingly half the kids in America — and some of the adults — singing “Everything is Awesome!” for about a year afterwards. The directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, will next bring the Han Solo Star Wars movie to the screen.


One of the more amusing parts of The Lego Movie was the depiction of Lego Batman, with Arrested Development’s Will Arnett voicing the Lego superhero as a deep-voiced parody of Christian Bale’s caped crusader in the Dark Knight series.


Now, two years ahead of the official Lego Movie sequel, we have an entire movie focused on Arnett’s Lego Batman. The movie makes room for various winks and nods to Batman history from the 1960s to now, and also functions as a good introduction to Batman and other superheroes for kids.


Superman’s in it, and so are Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and The Joker. And Robin and Batgirl (voiced by Michael Cera and Rosario Dawson, respectively.) There are even lots of other characters that are either in the public domain or otherwise available to Warner Brothers, led by the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings.


The plot has Batman saving Gotham from the bad guys, but at the same time coming to turns with his loneliness — that’s where Robin and Batgirl come in. At the same time, The Joker (voiced by Zach Galifianakis), is pressuring Batman to commit: Is The Joker, in fact, his greatest enemy?


There’s some fast-paced action, but the new movie is rated PG (for “some rude humor” and action) and very appropriate for kids of movie-going age. Mostly, The Lego Batman Movie has some things that a lot of recent superhero movies have been missing: Wit, and joy.


In conjunction with the release, Barnes and Noble locations around the region are hosting a series of Lego building events where kids can “put their detective skills to the test with themed activities as well as make and play moments with Lego bricks/blocks,” according to the store’s website. The next event will take place February 25 at 7 pm at local locations, including Rittenhouse Square. And there are, of course, a seemingly infinite amount of tie-in toys.


The Lego Batman Movie comes out Friday, February 10 in theaters nationwide. In addition to the mall multiplexes, the Philadelphia Film Society’s Roxy Theater, at 2023 Sansom St. in Philadelphia, is showing the movie, with multiple kid-friendly times. The movie will also be the theater’s February 15 “Babies On Board” feature. This 1:15 pm screening is for parents and very young children, with a lower volume and a high tolerance for fussy babies. 


Photograph courtesy of Warner Bros. 




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