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New Farm-to-Table Grass-Fed Beef Delivery Coming to Philadelphia Area

Lil' Ponderosa will bring Lancaster meat right to your door.

A new subscription service for sustainability-conscious families is coming to the Philadelphia area this summer — and the first 50 orders will receive at $50 gift certificate toward the farm-to-table service. Lil’ Ponderosa already offers home delivery of locally raised grass-fed beef and pork, available a la carte or in combination boxes.


The subscription service will be delivering to the Philly area by the end of the summer.


The sustainable ranch, located near Lancaster, has been providing grass-fed meat for its farm-to-table restaurant, John J. Jeffries, for years. The new subscription service aims to offer a convenient option for sustainability-conscious families, families following Paleo or high-protein lifestyles, and families looking for locally-sourced, organic meat options.


Lil’ Ponderosa is a USDA-certified organic butcher, and the ranch’s meat comes from a “closed herd” of Black Angus cattle, with no new animals introduced into the herd in 20 years. The animals are on a grass-fed diet from birth to harvest, with no chemicals, growth hormones, or other artificial additives.


Lil’ Ponderosa is located at 1711 Gabler Road, Chambersburg.


Photograph courtesy of Lil’ Ponderosa. 





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