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Local Photographer Donating Session Profits to Brother’s Adoption Effort

Lyryn Yacoe is hoping to give her brother and sister-in-law $10,000 so they can adopt a child.

For seven years, Coatesville photographer Lyryn Yacoe has watched her brother and sister-in-law struggle to have a child. Now, as Brent and Tara Balla have turned to raising money to help them adopt a child, Yacoe is launching a campaign of her own: she’s donating the proceeds from all of her fall sessions to the couple, with a goal of giving them $10,000.


Yacoe said she and her husband, who have four sons, wanted to help, and had the financial bandwidth to give up the money from the biggest season for her photography business.


“We have what we want for our family, but we wanted to give them the chance to have what they want,” Yacoe said. “They need a family.”


She began advertising the campaign August 7, and it will run from September 1 through the end of November, which happens to be National Adoption Month.


“We wanted to be able to end that on a big note,” she said.


The Ballas are trying to raise $27,000 through their YouCaring page to help them cover the legal and other fees associated with a private adoption. Yacoe said that her parents were foster parents, and adopted her two sisters through the public system. But adoptions from foster care can take years, and the Ballas are hoping to adopt soon, Yacoe said.


“If you’ve trying to have a biological child for 7 years, you don’t want to wait another 7 years, so they’re going the private route,” she said.


According to the Ballas’ YouCaring page, they’ve raised more than $5,000. Yacoe said $10,000 is a lofty goal, but she’s hoping she can meet it with help from her clients (many of whom came to her through referrals from the Main Line Parent Community on Facebook.)


If this fall’s campaign is successful, Yacoe said, she and her husband are considering doing the same for another family each fall. She said her four boys — ages 9, 7, 2 1/2 and 5 months — bring her so much joy that she wants to help more couples become parents.


“This is not just my brother that deals with this,” she said. “There are so many couples that have to struggle with infertility, and I just want to do what I can.”


Want more information? Get in touch with Yacoe via her Facebook page.


Photograph courtesy of Lyryn Yacoe. 




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