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How To Make Friends as an Adult

Looking for your village? Here's where to start.

Making friends as adult can be a nightmare. Without the social paradigms in place that normally foster bonding (college, jobs, etc.), finding like-minded friends is hard! But if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can and will make friends. Below are helpful suggestions to put yourself out there.



We live in a digital age. You can either run with it or from it. If you’re down to try something new in a group setting, MeetUp.com is an incredible resource. Join in on fun activities like rock climbing, jogs, pub crawls, artistic expeditions, and much more. They even have meetups specifically catered to parents.

Facebook Groups

Are you on Facebook? (Of course you are!) There are any number of amazing communities to join there, and among them are our brand communities, Main Line Parent and Philly Family. Almost weekly, someone is posting in one (or both) groups about moving to the area and looking for friends, and scores of people jump at the opportunity to help out.

In Real Life:

Play Spaces

Those indoor play spaces your kids love so much? They’re usually full of parents hanging out while their kids let off some of their energy. That’s your perfect opportunity to start a conversation! Compliment the nearest parent on their handbag or stroller, ask them about their child, then set up a double play date (for you and your new friend AND for the kids!) Among your options are Nest, in Chestnut Hill and Center City, PlayArts in Fishtown, and Kids at Play in East Falls. If you’re headed out to the suburbs, Lulu’s Casita in Ardmore has BYOB nights where you can bring some beverage to boost your confidence if approaching strangers isn’t your thing. Headed outside? Try a playground.

Parenting Groups

There are tons of parent groups in and around Philadelphia to join. Some are free and offer drops-ins. Show up and start a conversation! With kids, there is no shortage of conversation starters. Among your options are By My Side Parenting Group in Fishtown and Lilypad in South Philly. On the Main Line, try Lifecycle WomanCare’s classes and support groups.


Get in shape and meet some new besties — it’s a win-win! Try a mommy-and-me class, like the ones run by Fit4Mom and Balance Chestnut Hill. Fit4Mom also has a Body Back class that’s child-free, and encourages moms to get to know one another outside the studio.


If you didn’t know, we host mingles! You’ll have a blast, and you’ll meet other parents looking to meet new friends. Want to learn more about our mingles and be notified when the next one is happening? Sign up for our weekly newsletter, where we announce upcoming mingles and other events.

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