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Monster Jam Roars Into Philly With New Trucks and Faces

The show lands at Lincoln Financial Field May 5.

Attention truck lovers (and parents of truck lovers): Monster Jam is back in Philly for the first time in six years for one performance on Saturday, May 5, at 7 pm at Lincoln Financial Field.


Monster Jam showcases monster trucks and their drivers in increasingly insane tricks and stunts. Spectators get to vote for their favorite drivers using their smartphones in the two-wheel skills and freestyle categories. Each week, one driver is crowned the winner, and they accumulate points throughout the season.


These giant trucks — with names like Grave Digger and Master of Disaster — are driven by men and women, a rarity in motorsports. Driver Brianna Mahon, who will be behind the wheel of Whiplash at the Philly show, said it’s great to be in an environment where female drivers are accepted.


Mahon, who designed Whiplash herself with some references to her rodeo-loving roots, spent years in motocross. The male competitors were decidedly less friendly than her current colleagues, she said.


“We’re a big family. We can compete on the same level as men, win the same championships and there’s no separation of it. The guys help us out, and we help them out,” Mahon said. “It’s nice to come to a sport where you’re fully accepted as a woman.”


She designed Whiplash from the ground up, choosing the turquoise color and paint accents that looked like tooled leather to bring in elements of the rodeo world and Western fashion.


“It was cool to just kind of watch it evolve,” she said. “It’s a totally different concept than Monster Jam has ever done, and it’s awesome to watch the fans react to it.”


Mahon balances her Monster Jam commitments with the demands of being a small business owner: she opened a hair salon in her native Illinois after she retired from motocross. She still pops in to work in between gigs. But after 20 years in motorsports, she loves Monster Jam, which she joined in 2015.


“It was kind of a dream I never knew I had,” she said. “I sat in that seat and said, ‘This is what I was meant to do in life.”’


She also loves being an inspiration for girls and young women, who flock to her at events and follow her closely on social media. Mahon delights in corresponding with and, especially, meeting her female fans.


“To hear them say, ‘I want to be like you when I grow up,’ that means a lot to me,” she said. “I feel like God gave me this platform to be a positive role model — and a modest role model, at that — for these girls.”


The Monster Jam will be at Lincoln Financial Field for a 7 pm show on Saturday, May 5. Tickets start at $18; kids under 2 are free. (There are also several coupons and special offers available.) The gates open at noon and the Pit Party, where fans can see the trucks and meet the drivers, begins at 3 pm.




Photographs courtesy of Monster Jam.



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