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A Step Ahead: Perelman’s New Jr. Kindergarten

The school is enrolling its first class this fall at its Stern Center branch in Wynnewood.

The pre-kindergarten year is a bridge for children, carrying them toward a future of curiosity and learning. It should also be a foundation, laying the groundwork for critical thinking, creativity, and focus.


At ages 4 and 5, kids have the ability to absorb new information, then build on it with different questions and connections. It’s that very quality that makes this period ideal for teaching children more than one language: as they learn to read and write in English, it’s easier for them to do the same in a second language.


Perelman Jewish Day School’s new Jr. Kindergarten program — now accepting enrollment for this fall at its Stern Center campus in Wynnewood — takes that window of opportunity seriously. Like Perelman’s kindergarten through fifth grade program, it features an immersive bilingual curriculum, with students learning in both English and Hebrew.


“We are thrilled to offer this unique program,” said Judy Groner, Perelman’s head of school. “ Age 4 is ideal for intense exposure to a second language. Within a few weeks, our Jr. Kindergartners will already begin feeling comfortable with Hebrew.”


Perelman’s Jr. Kindergarten will be an incubator for learning and play, allowing children to explore and learn through experience while also offering structured teaching. Students will study with classroom teachers, as well as with Perelman specialists in math, science and computer science, fine arts (including music, art, and dance), and physical education.


Perelman’s constructivist approach works with children, allowing students to grow as individuals — and, crucially, at their own pace — while also building confidence and critical thinking skills.


The Jr. Kindergarten curriculum will closely align with that of kindergarten through fifth grade. Students will also be paired with reading buddies in upper grades, and will have other opportunities to interact with older students. And Jr. Kindergartners will participate in holiday celebrations and other schoolwide activities on the Wynnewood campus.


Jr, Kindergarten lets children get a head start on “Growing Up Perelman.” That means achieving at the highest levels of academic excellence, in a value-based and child-centered environment. Perelman kids have a sound understanding of their history and culture as both Americans and Jews, and understand ethics, morals, and values through a Jewish lens.



Jr. Kindergarten begins September 5, 2017, and runs from 8:10 am to 3:25 pm daily. Aftercare is available next door at the JCC until 6 pm, and early care is available at the school beginning at 7:30 am. Applicants must be 4 years of age by September 1, 2017, to enroll. Apply today to reserve your child’s spot.



Raymond and Ruth Perelman Jewish Day School has been a pillar of quality education on the Main Line and in Melrose Park since 1956. The school is accredited by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS), and is a member of the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (ADVIS) and Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools.


Want to know more about the school, and the Jr. Kindergarten program? Visit pjds.org/jrkindergarten or call 610-658-2518, extension 207.


Photograph courtesy of Perelman Jewish Day School.

Raymond and Ruth Perelman Jewish Day school serves more than 350 children in grades K-5 on two beautiful campuses in Wynnewood and Melrose Park. Our mission is to provide students with Jewish-values based education within the context of a rigorous academic program.


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