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Philly School District Reminding Parents About New State Vaccination Rules

Some kids will need shots before school starts September 5.

The School District of Philadelphia is reminding parents about new vaccination rules for the school year that starts September 5, so families with can make sure their kids are ready on the first day.


The state Department of Health changed the vaccination requirements earlier this year. Effective August 1, 2017, all Pennsylvania school students must have a fourth dose of the polio vaccine, including one at or after age 4, and students entering 12th grade must receive an additional meningococcal conjugate (MCV) vaccine.


“Families need to make sure students are up-to-date on vaccines and all other requirements so that they are set to learn on the first day of school,” Superintendent William R. Hite said in a statement. “We cannot overstate the importance of making sure our students are attending school every day, on time, and that they are healthy and ready to learn when they are in school.”


The district is making automated phone calls to let them know about the new requirements, and to encourage them to make an appointment with their children’s pediatrician as soon as possible so the thousands of students in the district are able to start school by the first day. Incoming 12th graders can get their MCV vaccine at the Department of Public Health’s Education Center if they can’t get it at the doctor’s office.


Parents that don’t have a regular pediatrician can call the City District Health Center at 215-685-2933. For more information on the immunization requirements, visit the health department’s website.


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