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The 2017 Philly Trick-or-Treating Guide

Your plastic pumpkin will be full in no time if you stop in one of these neighborhoods.

It’s the one day a year where it’s socially acceptable to dress up in costume and get free candy, but some neighborhoods are more fun than others on Halloween. Whether you enjoy giving out the candy yourself or love dressing up the whole family in a coordinating costumes to walk around the neighborhood, trick-or-treating can be exciting for the whole family. So if you’re still on the look out for a great place to go, check out these fun, safe, and candy-filled neighborhoods.


P.S. Generally speaking, most neighborhoods ask that trick-or-treating is all wrapped up by 9 pm at the latest!


Find a good nook of row homes in Manayunk and you’re set for the night! You’re also more likely to find parking in Manayunk than some of the busier areas of the city. The small-town charm of the area means plenty of adorable photo ops! Head down on October 28, and you can enjoy a day of Halloween activities in the neighborhood and a special trick-or-treat down Main Street.

Fairmount/Spring Garden

This area is packed tightly with row homes, making trick-or-treating quick and easy. The ability to move quickly from door to door makes this especially good for younger children who might crash quickly from that sugar high! You get some sweet views from this area as well, so enjoy the sunset on this spooky holiday! (If you’re feeling really brave and have older kids, check out one of the final nights of “Terror Behind the Walls” at the Eastern State Penitentiary.)

Rittenhouse Square

Follow the black cat signs from 10 am — 5 pm October 28 for the Rittenhouse Row Halloween celebration, and score treats from businesses around this beautiful park. On the 31st, traverse the gorgeous houses and apartment buildings for some swanky fun.

Cedar Park

This neighborhood loves celebrating Halloween, and locals rave about the great decorations residents have to offer on the holiday! Like many other areas of the city, candy collecting is efficient on the many streets of row homes!

West Mount Airy

West Mount Airy is another neighborhood that prides itself on awesome decorations and a welcoming environment for families. There are plenty of houses and row homes. Sedgwick Street is a big hot spot, and the neighborhood also hosts a flashlight parade, which starts at 6:30 pm at the intersection of Carpenter Lane and Greene Street. 


Fishtown has been rapidly changing over the years, thanks to a strong neighborhood committee, and it’s now home to tons of families with young kids. There are many walkable streets with many homes, and a few parks if the kids want some play time before! There are also some picturesque views of the city and the riverfront here.

Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill is offering two days of Halloween fun for the whole family! On Saturday, October 28, you can enjoy Halloween on the Hill. If you’re still up for more, head down to the neighborhood on Halloween for some laid back candy collecting in the quaint neighborhood.

Spruce Hill

This close-knit West Philly neighborhood has a popular Halloween Tot Parade that starts at 4:30 sharp at 45th Street and Baltimore Avenue. It’s a chance for kids under 6 to trick-or-treat while it’s still light out, and get home in time for bed. The spirit continues after dark, when the older kids hit the streets.


Thinking of trick-or-treating in the ‘burbs? See our list for the Main Line!



Photograph by Gwyneth K. Shaw.



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