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Listen to These Road-Trip Worthy Podcasts for Families

Introduce your kids to the fine art of binge-listening. Here’s a list of family-friendly podcasts to get you started.

As families get ready for summer road trips, parents start to panic: “How are we going to entertain the kids during those long hours?” Good news…there’s no need to panic. Along with your special snacks, surprise toys, and coloring books, pack these family-friendly podcasts into your arsenal and keep everyone happy and engaged.


For the adventure-loving family try: ‘Eleanor Amplified.’

Where you can get it: WHYY

The basic rundown: Follow a young radio reporter as she outwits villains, destroys their evil intentions, and still reports on the story.


For the science-loving family try: ‘Wow in the World’

Where you can get it: NPR

The basic rundown: Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz host this silly, science-centric show where families can learn about slugs, solar eclipses, and how dogs communicate.


For the comedy-loving family try: ‘Story Pirates’

Where you can get it: Gimlet Media

The basic rundown: Made up of New York based improv actors, this seafaring group brings stories written by kids to life with songs, sound effects, and author interviews.


For the story-loving family try: ‘Story Nory’

Where you can get it: StoryNory.com

The basic rundown: Host Natasha’s English accent will fill your car with sweet stories that are sure to teach and lull your passengers into a state of contentment.


For the curious-family try: ‘But Why?’

Where you can get it: VPR

The basic rundown: Why do you laugh? How does the heart work? Kid questions like these are answered thoroughly by top experts, calming the minds of even the most curious kids.


For the pet-loving family try: ‘This Podcast Has Fleas’

Where you can get it: NPR

The basic rundown: Jones the cat and Waffles the dog discover they are each other’s podcast competition! Join in the fun as these two battle it out in classic dog vs. cat style.


For the science fiction loving family try: ‘The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian’

Where you can get it: FinnCaspian.com

The basic rundown: Proud owner of a well-developed imagination, Finn Caspian takes listeners on space-themed adventures looking for new planets, alien life, and the answers to our galaxy’s biggest questions.


Photograph by Ann Marie Detavernier.



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