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The Campuzano Family, Regina Angelorum Academy

Find out why the Drexel Hill family chose the independent Catholic school in Ardmore.

Nicole and Jason Campuzano knew that they wanted to send their children to a Catholic school, but figured they would land at the local parish school in the Drexel Hill area. Then, new friends invited them to an event at Regina Angelorum Academy, a private, coed Catholic school in Ardmore with students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.


They immediately knew this was where they wanted to send their children.

“We really feel like the Holy Spirit led us there and called us to send our children to this school,” Nicole said. “As soon as we walked in the building, we knew there was something special about this place. It had a very unique community feel to it, the people were so friendly.

“Knowing about it now, I can’t imagine sending our children to another school. It wouldn’t be an option to us because we found the perfect fit for our family and something so special and so unique.”


The Campuzanos are now in their seventh year at Regina Angelorum. Jason Jr., 10; Julia, 6; and Andrew, 5, are all students now, and 2-year-old Matthew, and Ryan, who’s 1, will go when they’re old enough.


When Jason Jr. started at the school, the Campuzanos were immediately impressed by the interaction between teachers and students, and the faith-centered environment. They were also captivated by the Classical Curriculum taught at Regina Angelorum, which teaches children the progression from memorization of facts to critical thinking skills, and later to express their thoughts eloquently — all with an emphasis on Latin and the Catholic faith.


“When things are expected at home and at school, it’s a natural progression and things seem to run a lot smoother,” she said. “I think we can reason with our children very easily, especially as they get older, because they’re told to reason and think logically at school. I think that when something happens, we can discuss it with our kids because their minds are working to think in that way.”


The Campuzanos also love the community because it’s rooted in the same Catholic values they’re teaching at home.


“We are in a place where everyone who attends the school does so because they are strongly convicted in the way our school teaches and in the faith that is behind everything,” Nicole said. “I don’t have to worry about sending my kids to have a playdate at somebody’s house, because we all have similar values and moral beliefs.


“It’s really helpful in raising our children because they never have to feel like the only one. They never feel like an outcast. They’re surrounded by children who have the same beliefs which is so important as they grow up.”

Want to know more?
Visit Regina Angelorum Academy online, or join us for an open house this fall:

November 17 and December 7, 9 am — noon


Photographs by Casey Kallen. 

Regina Angelorum Academy is an independent, Catholic Liberal Arts, coeducational school for students from pre-K through eighth grade. It is the mission of Regina Angelorum Academy to promote and nurture the intellectual growth and talents of elementary school children through the time-tested classical liberal arts course of study. Students study and learn in a wholesome and rigorous academic environment. The Catholic faculty integrates the Magisterial teaching, Scripture and Tradition of the Catholic Church throughout the curriculum. In partnership with their families, boys and girls are taught to be effective Catholic citizens and leaders.


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