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Saturday Club Cotillion Class Kicks Off This Weekend

Get your kids some old-fashioned etiquette and dancing skills at this six-week course.

Chivalry isn’t dead, and neither are formal manners and ballroom dances. Boys and girls can learn the arts of formal dance and social skills at The Saturday Club’s cotillion program, with six classes on Fridays from October 6 through November 17.


“We’re thrilled to continue our tradition of bringing cotillion programming to Main Line families and students,” said Cory Townend, president of the club, a non-profit women’s volunteer organization in Wayne.


“The program cultivates positive, healthy habits that offer long-term advantages, by teaching respect, courtesy and consideration; how to properly introduce oneself; the importance of dress and appearance; and the basics of table manners and etiquette,” she said. 


In two groups — third and fourth grades and fifth and sixth grades — kids will learn to build character through etiquette classes educating them on table manners, listening, and leadership skills. Dance styles such as the foxtrot, swing hustle, waltz, and more will be introduced.


At the end of the program, students can show off their new skills at a dinner dance. 


The goal of the cotillion program is for children to begin to develop social and communication skills, while learning respect for the opposite gender and the importance of appearance. Semi-formal attire is required, including jackets, ties, and hard-soled shoes for boys, and dresses or skirts with blouses, flats or low heels, and white gloves for girls.


The program is taught by instructors from Jon D. Williams Cotilions, which focuses the program around dance because it teaches children to maintain respect for their partner, establishes teamwork, reinforces verbal and non-verbal communication, and teaches children how to interact with the opposite gender in a structured and healthy environment.


Classes will be held on Fridays from 5:30 — 6:30 pm for third and fourth graders, and 7 — 8 pm for fifth and sixth graders. The Saturday Club is located at 117 W. Wayne Ave. in Wayne. Click here for more information or to register.


Photograph courtesy of  The Saturday Club. 




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