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Spring Into Organization With These 5 Tips

Professional organizer Carrie Kauffman's new monthly column kicks off with advice for a sweeping spring cleaning.

I love the arrival of a new season!  But as a professional organizer, I probably like the change of seasons for totally different reasons. For me, it’s all about out with the old, in with the new — and the feeling I get when I am able to help local homeowners, families, business owners achieve their goals to be more organized once and for all.


Winter can take a lot out of us. It can leave us feeling unmotivated and lethargic (ahem…Seasonal Affective Disorder, anyone)? But spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. It’s time to shake off the winter doldrums and get organized for spring!


To help you get started, I’m sharing my top five organizing tips to help you stay on track this season – no matter how big or small the space.

Be Committed

Change of season, change of habits. Organized living is exactly that: a lifestyle. A mindset. It requires planning and systems. Over time, the work of organizing becomes less time-consuming if you commit to de-clutter and make decisions as you work through each space. Don’t just move items from one room to another.

Be Decisive

The number one reason people delay organizing a troublesome space is the inability to decide. It can be hard to let go. But if you don’t make a decision, the clutter continues to move around your home, from one space to another. For every item, you must make a decision: keep, toss, donate, or consign?

Be Prepared

Do you simply remove the clutter and toss it into a spare bedroom? This is not organizing. Use labeled bags or bins to sort your seasonal clutter. Once the bins are full, bag up the items for their final destination. If storing, be sure to wash, dry clean, fold, and store neatly and out of sight. This will make these items easy to find and accessible when you’re ready to reverse this process next winter.


Tupperware containers, label makers, and vacuum-seal storage bags are products that I use in homes and offices every day!

Be Thorough

The feeling you get when you de-clutter and organize a large space is undeniable. You feel lighter, energized, motivated. So don’t stop there! Tackling the small spaces and finding great products to keep your car, handbag, sports gear, shower, kitchen counter organized can feel just as rewarding! Keep going, one space at a time.

Be In The Know

My clients call on my expert advice on where to donate and consign. Look for local resources, charitable organizations, women’s shelters, drop spots, and popular consignment sales. Find out who takes big electronics, and when your local recycling events take place. It’s my job to be in the know and advise my clients when it comes to the best local resources, but you can get that information, too.


Living and working in a freshly organized space can be quite liberating! You will feel it, in your body & mind! Less stress, more energy, and even higher productivity.


Bring these spaces back to life this spring. All it takes to get organized is to get moving!


We want to hear from you! Each month, I’ll be offering my expert advice on your organizing dilemmas. Send your organizing questions to carrietheorganizer@gmail.com and could be featured in a future column.


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Carrie's Essential Services offers organizing and de-cluttering services for every room in your home, as well as documentation, billing and file management systems for businesses. Owner Carrie Kauffman has completed over 160 organization projects, both small and large scale. Her extensive experience and talent contribute to her ability to successfully turn a problematic space into a customized solution.


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