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Soar and Climb at Treehouse World’s Aerial Adventure Course

The West Chester attraction has a new draw for thrill-seekers.

Looking for a new thrill? Get ready to buckle in to Treehouse World’s newest attraction: the Valley Creek Aerial Adventure Course.


It’s an outdoor obstacle course that just happens to be 10 to 50 feet in the air. A full tour of the course features a ride on three ziplines ranging from 105 to 420 feet long, with speeds of 15 to 30 miles per hour. The final zipline is built for two, so you can race a friend across a pond!


In between the hair-raising rides, visitors move from platform to platform, crossing obstacles — including eight bridges, swinging logs, and balance beams.


All of this is happening in a lush Chester County forest, offering a beautiful immersion in nature without traveling very far from home. The course soars above the headwaters of Valley Creek, stopping at Treehouse World’s two ponds. The creek winds away from the property, eventually joining the Brandywine Creek and, ultimately, the Delaware River.


The adventure course is for fearless fun-seekers ages 8 and up. (The youngest kids must be paired with an adult to help them navigate the course). Tickets for the course, which takes about 90 to 120 minutes to complete, are $60 per person.


For younger kids, Treehouse World has also introduced the Buccaneer Zip Line, a smaller thrill that’s still tons of fun. The 150-foot-long line carries riders at 10 to 15 miles per hour at a much lower altitude. To ride, kids must be at least 2 years old, weigh at least 20 pounds, and fit snugly into the safety harness. Children also need to be comfortable on the 12-foot-high launch platform.


Once you’re done with the adventure course, there’s the rest of this 14-acre forest playground to explore. As the name suggests, there are cool treehouses, but the attraction features lot of other activities, too.


Try archery tag, which uses arrows tipped with a marshmallow-like foam. Or rock climbing on trees, a super popular activity. There’s even a bungee-fueled trampoline bounce, so kids can really catch air. And, for the very brave, tomahawk axe throwing.


For younger kids, the nature paths and Children’s Grove are ground-level places to play. Click here to learn more about Treehouse World and its background.


Want to try any — or all — of these fun activities? Treehouse World  is open to the public; admission is $12 for guests 4 and older, and $6 for adults accompanying a child. Additional activities are $5 each; Treehouse World offers a Super Adventure Pass for $45 that includes admission and all activities beside the aerial course.


The attraction works with groups and school field trips, and offers a variety of birthday party options.


Treehouse World is at 1442 Phoenixville Pike in West Chester. For more information, visit the park’s website.


Photographs courtesy of Treehouse World. 


Treehouse World is a place to explore the newest and coolest treehouses around. A place to challenge yourself with our unique high adventure programs. And most of all, a place to have a ton of fun.


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