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Dedicated Emails

One of the best ways to engage our niche audience is with a Dedicated Email promoting an offer or event invitation.

We work with you to design and send a direct email to our subscribers with a custom message, photos, and call to action.

Dedicated Emails are sent to our subscribers, usually sent on Tuesdays, reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Shared on our brand’s Facebook Page and in the brand’s Facebook Community group.

Materials due 10 days prior to scheduled send:

  • Subject line (28 to 50 characters) and preheader text (40 to 100 characters)
  • JPG, JPG, of GIF Header image, 3 – 5 supporting images (1200 x 400 px or 450 x 450 px), link(s)
  • Copy/text (ideally between 50 to 125 words for the highest response rate).
  • Be sure to include your Call To Action. Example: “Shop Now” or “Learn More” or “Sign Up” etc. with a link. Offer code and discount messaging optional.

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