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Family Focus Media is passionately run by a group of dedicated professionals, many of whom are area parents themselves. We began with a local Facebook Group of four moms, and have grown to nurture two very special communities of parents dedicated to our families, our homes, and — when we find the time — to ourselves.

Family Focus Media’s calling card is our dynamic nature, reaching out to our local community through a wide range of platforms. Our mix of social media, email, web-based, and in-person projects allow us to both use the latest technology and bring people together. We created Main Line Parent, Philadelphia Family, and Bucks County Parent to connect local parents and caregivers — across five counties, all income levels, and every possible definition of what a family is — who support each other through one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences in life.

Like us? People love us!

Our Main Line Parent, Philadelphia Family, and Bucks County Parent High Five newsletters are published every Thursday to help readers make the most of their weekends with fund things to do with their kids (virtually and in person). The dynamic “hive minds” of our Main Line Parent Community Facebook group, Philly Family Community Facebook group, and Bucks County Parent Community Facebook group are the hubs for referrals, playdate organizing, and sleep-deprived discussions, while our Facebook pages (Main Line ParentPhiladelphia Family, and Bucks County Parent) and Instagram handles (@MainLineParent@PhillyFamilyMag, and @BucksCountyParent) keep followers in the know. Our LinkedIn followers (Family Focus Media) include a flock of social savvy working parents and family-centric organizations.

Niche Target Market:

  • Local Families with children age 0 to 18
  • 75% are Parents between the ages of 30 to 44
  • 50% have an annual household income over $100,000

Community Reach:

Main Line Parent

Website Annual Users: 90,200+
Website Annual Sessions: 112,500+
Email Newsletter Subscribers: 14,365+ (Average Open Rates: 27.9% for High Five,
25% for Dedicated Emails)
Facebook Community Group: 31,770+ (56.4% Active) Members
Facebook Page Followers: 11,800+
Instagram Followers: 7,777+ (240.2% Accounts Reached Monthly)

Philadelphia Family

Website Annual Users: 127,475+
Website Annual Sessions: 161,975+
Email Newsletter Subscribers: 8,925+ (Average Open Rates: 26.6% for High Five,
23.8% for Dedicated Emails)
Facebook Community Group: 5,160+ (57.1% Active Members)
Facebook Page Followers: 5,100+
Instagram Followers: 6,850+ (96.9% Accounts Reached Monthly)

Bucks County Parent

Website Users 12/5/21 – 1/5/22: 802+
Website Sessions 12/5/21 – 1/5/22: 1,499+
Email Newsletter Subscribers: 401+ (Average Open Rate: 21.4%)
Facebook Community Group: 16+ Members
Facebook Page Followers: 25+
Instagram Followers: 230+