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Email Newsletter Spotlights

Email Newsletter Spotlights

Every Thursday our readers look forward to our High Five Emails, which feature our Calendar Editors’ top picks of fun things to do along with our curated roundups of family-friendly resources, and the latest buzz from our Community and Members.

Email Newsletter Audience:

Learn more about the parents and caregivers in our community, our subscribers, their zip codes, Email Newsletter Open Rates, etc. HERE.

Featured Examples (Linked)

Email Spotlights have a grey “Sponsor Supports the [Brand] Community” identifier above their photo.

Materials due 10 days prior:

  • 728 x 300 px photo and headline (with link) and supporting call to action text (60 characters max for headline and text)
  • Includes Facebook Page and Community Group share of the email campaign link with “Thank you [tagged linked to your organization’s Facebook Page] for supporting” acknowledgement

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