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Sponsored Stories & Community Blog Posts

Engage the parents in our community on a deeper level, fostering trust and loyalty by sharing your story in the form of a Sponsored Story or Community Blog Post.

Sponsored Stories and Community Blog Posts offer the greatest opportunity for long-term brand impact because they can be added to future Focused Guides and refreshed to emphasize your latest offers and promotions.

By publishing on mainlineparent.com, phillyfamily.com, and or buckscountyparent.com, you increase your credibility, the likelihood of your organization’s name being ranked higher in search results, and the backlinks can improve your website’s SEO performance.

Sponsored Story with Copywriting services, Email Spotlight & Social Story Promotion

Community Blog Post

  • Submit your story in the third person voice with photography to be published on one of our websites. (Copywriting services and photography can be added on.)
  • Our team will edit, optimize for search, and publish to our home page or a Guide Landing Page.
  • Includes promotional coaching and the ability to share it with our Facebook Community Group(s)
  • Story can showcase 1-5 photos (landscape-oriented preferred) and video (provided by you).
  • Copy/text (300-500 words recommended, longer-form is acceptable)
  • You can enhance your Community Blog Post with Writing Services, Photography Services, Social Media Story Promotion on Facebook and Instagram, Email Spotlight, and Guide Contributing Sponsorship.
  • Example: Overacheive Sport and Speed’s Community Blog Post with writing services
  • Example: Fashion Summer Camp at Made Institute’s Community Blog Post
  • Example: Greene Towne Montessori’s Community Blog Post

Promote Your Story With A Focused Guide Sponsorship

Visit mainlineparent.com, phillyfamily.com, and buckscountyparent.com to explore all of our Guides (they are highlighted on the home page).

  • Presenting Sponsorship includes 1200x300px Banner Ad and “Presented by” text credit on Guide Landing Page and the perks below.
  • Contributing Sponsorship (Add-on to existing Sponsored Story or Community Blog Post) spotlights your story on the Guide Landing Page and in the Guide Dedicated Email.
  • Supporting Sponsorship (Add on to Membership) includes Profile Page Directory Listing on Guide Landing Page.

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